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LPO in New… Decade

Though many commentators comment on the present scenario of LPO industry, LPO blogger Russell Smith projects a number of ways that legal off shoring will impact the legal profession in the next 10 years. His 12 predictions are as follows: 1. Meritocracy Beats Aristocracy - Legal service must deliver value. 2. Change is Happening in the East as Much as in the West - The legal landscape is changing in India. 3. The New Tort Reform – Legal outsourcing response to bogus claim will be a cost effective defense. 4. Capital Funding of Litigation - LPO is a good value proposition for third-party investors...

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SKJ Legal positions itself

There are number of law firms melding into LPO’s in India. CEO, Mr. Pankaj Jain offered some behind the scenes insight into SKJ Legal as well as its position in rapidly growing Indian LPO market. Mr. Jain, further talked about how SKJ Legal was going to position itself, “We are not interested in changing the legal market, but believe that five years down the line it will be a force to be reckoned with in the Indian legal off shoring industry”. On decision of making LPO the prominent characteristic and the significance of LPO’s unique approach to deliver high quality work,...

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People On Board

Pankaj Jain is the Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of SKJ Legal (P) Ltd. He is a law graduate from ILS Law College, University of Pune and has pursued Masters in International Economic Law (LL.M) from University of Warwick, United Kingdom. Pankaj specializes in corporate law and Intellectual Property. He has acted as a Counsel for 4 years in various joint venture assignments, civil litigation and corporate transactions. Pankaj is a registered trademark attorney. Sabyasachi Ghosh is the Vice-President, Legal Operations of SKJ Legal (P) Ltd. Saby is a law graduate from Law Faculty, University of Delhi. He specializes in...

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Emergence of SKJ Legal as LPO

LPO is the buzz word in Indian legal industry. Most of the law firms are melding into the LPO with the purpose to minimize the cost and have the best quality of work product. An example of such LPO is SKJ Legal private limited, a young legal off shoring company incorporated under (Indian) Companies Act, 1956. The company is committed to maintain overall excellence in every aspect of legal off shoring business. Instead of charging clients an hourly rate, the company aims to offer price certainty by charging fixed prices for work in advance. This is a great initiative to be...

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LPO on move in 2011

2011 has brought many changes in LPO industry. Though Legal process outsourcing is not a new concept but during the period of recession the legal process outsourcing effect has gained impetus by providing low cost services for many legal tasks. It all started in or around the year 2001-2002, when a few courageous US attorneys and small law firms started to offload their legal clerical work such as legal billing, etc to Indian legal firms and solo Indian attorneys at a very low lost A story in The Economist also acknowledges the growth of legal outsourcing, noting that LPO is expanding...

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