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Internal governance technique

The legal support work outsourced to India is delivered to law firms and corporations after carrying out stringent accuracy checks for ensuring quality at multiple stages. Indian LPOs’ internal evaluations and unbiased assessments process to determine an associate’s performance based on meritocracy create a positive impact on other associates and adds momentum to their quest for providing standard work product. Vigorous competition among the team members inculcates a passion to strive harder to meet clients’ target....

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Legal process outsourcing India – recent trends

An increasing number of companies, large and small are outsourcing legal work to Indian destinations. Originally LPO enticed law firms and corporations outsourcing large document review projects for litigation disclosure or transactional due diligence to an offshore provider. This process allowed the law firms and the corporations to address the various legal issues that arise on daily basis while being able to streamline productivity. The process involves a contract, with due consideration between both LPOs in one hand, and law firms and corporations, on the other. The basic reason behind LPOs’ success is based on Merger and Acquisition related support services...

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LPO 3.0: Next generation, a dynamic domain of Law

Legal Process outsourcing (LPO) provides a wide array of legal support services. The LPO market has expanded significantly over the last decade to include in its ambit different service lines ranging from document review to compliance, research and contract management. LPO, after undergoing different phases of development, has now moved to the next phase. Arguably, LPO business has undergone an archetypical shift from the previous generation to the next generation. This will aid in focusing on elimination of all the challenges faced by the previous generations and pave way to success in commercial terms. LPO  1.0  (“first  wave”) was  the  initial ...

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India emerged as a leader in Legal outsourcing

India has again proved its leadership in the legal process outsourcing market. Legal process outsourcing (LPO) is gaining momentum as more law firms in the UK and European law firms begin to hold the treasure of experience and talent available in India. LPO has huge potential in India. There is nothing wrong in saying that, soon mid-sized as well as smaller UK and European law firms will either open up their own LPO center in Indian major cities or will outsource their work if they do not want to make initial capital investment. The LPO assists such law firms in support areas...

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Potential of Legal Process Outsourcing in India

One of the ideal ways which is pretty well known to most of the legal firms and in-house legal departments about cost cutting is to outsource legal work. Nowadays corporates are concentrating more on new technologies and strategies to get their work done through standard resources. The experts from the legal industry of developed countries have announced that the next outsourcing windfall is for India. The total worth of the legal industry is around $21 billion and Indian LPOs are on the way to grab the major portion of it. This is because of India’s quality of work along with competitive...

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