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Language barrier in International Document Review: How to handle it?

In recent years, there has been an ever-increasing need or demand for e-discovery that reaches beyond just a single jurisdiction and is, instead, truly global. In the past, document review companies were often able to address a matter by simply conducting data preservation, collection, processing, review and production in one location or country. Today it is quite commonplace that document review companies span multiple countries or often multiple continents. The geographical unfurl of e-discovery has mandated global coordination and equilibrium with respect to not only technologies rather the overall processes. The inter-continental nature of eDiscovery increases its complexity for many...

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Forbid data access based on country origin – A challenge for document review companies

Despite the passage of a decade of analytics and technology-driven workflows, document review service remains to be the largest chunk of cost in the discovery process. Lawyers reading documents squanders time, and paying for that time can glaringly increase costs in an already tight budget. Firms and corporations, do not wish to loosen their budget for this, making way for the work to get outsourced and document review companies to come into picture. When spoken of eDiscovery, document review service stands as one of the most arduous tasks. The document review process involves the review and analysis of collected documents to...

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Remote document review: A Cakewalk or a Ropewalk

Document Review Service Company USA

Globally, mundane business maneuvers and consumer behavior has been shaken up on a massive scale due to COVID – 19. Various business sectors are struggling to slow the spread of the illness and contain the infection. The virus spread has proven to be the biggest threat to the global economy and financial markets. In these tough times technology can aid business to find alternate avenues to reach out to their customers.  In this crisis, many companies have adhered to the norms for public safety leading to close offices alongside perpetuating the work and to understand how the crisis...

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What is third party lease abstraction?

Lease abstraction has become the talk of the town, due to its impact upon the improving efficiency of the real estate clients across the globe. The majority of these lease abstracts are made by third parties. Still, some of the businesses refuse to adopt the new technological advancements which will reduce the paperwork and resolves the issue of missed critical dates. So here you will get acquainted about third party lease abstraction and why you should go for it. What is lease abstraction and a lease abstract? Lease abstraction is the procedure in which crucial information from the voluminous set of the...

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How to choose the best lease management software for your company?

Many realtors, property owners, landlords, etc. lose track of critical dates of their numerous properties. This usually results in an additional levied penalty upon the instalments and chance of termination of the contract. To avoid this, landlords and realtors are taking bold steps through opting lease management software for their organization. What perks do realtors with lease management software get? Elimination of manual tasks: A lease management software eliminates the manual process of finding critical dates and relevant information in the hardcopies of lease abstracts/ lease agreements. Notifications of critical dates of each property are easily received through the software, making...

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Obstacles in legal process outsourcing and how to tackle them

Outsourcing of services has been quite a trend in recent years, and LPO or legal process outsourcing hasn’t been unfamiliar with it. There is a strong and genuine reason for doing so as the revenue, quality and efficiency increase dramatically through outsourcing. But it is not as easy as it sounds, as many hurdles come in the path of LPO. Some of them are elaborated below: Complicacy: Though how awkward as it may sound, the complexity of the case remains the biggest hurdle in the outsourcing of legal processes. Some cases are a bit too complex to handle for the...

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Benefits of outsourcing litigation drafting

Does a lawsuit mean Litigation? Litigation is the entire process that takes place after the filing of the case in court. Litigation drafting mainly consists of the drafting of motions and briefs, pleadings, demand letters, discovery requests, and evaluation letters. When the GDP/ economy of a country expands, businesses boom through the increased rendering of services and goods. As a result, people tend to consume more and hence pronounced dissatisfaction leading to an increased burden on lawyers and attorneys. How will outsourcing help? To tackle this increased burden, tasks and work will be outsourced by the attorneys to legal firms. They provide...

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RFE (Request for Evidence) Vs Appeal Brief

What is an RFE? An RFE or Request for Evidence is a request that is issued by the USCIS or US citizens and Immigration Services. The RFE’s are issued in the name of petitioners for residency, citizenship, visas- both family and employment. These RFE's are issued when there are inconsistencies found in the documents, or some of the relevant documents are found unavailable. The RFE is also issued in case the document submitted has lesser probative value or includes incomplete transactions. More facts about RFE’s: An RFE does not imply that the USCIS is denying your petition; it means that the USCIS is...

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H-1B and Premium Processing

Getting a visa can surely be a time taking process. Procuring an H1-B visa was such a matter which also depended upon luck as earlier it was conducted based on a lottery system. Multiple rounds of the lottery were conducted to get an H1-B visa and that too for advanced degree holders. But since April 1, 2020, the premium processing service has been resumed which has given relief to the people. What does premium processing service mean? Premium processing is the service offered by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, in which the H1-B employers can get access to faster processing of...

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The importance of review in lease abstraction

We often have heard about the lease abstraction process from people who rent commercial/ residential properties. For those who are unaware, a lease abstract is a concise form of the lease contract between two parties, which contains all the crucial information about the terms and aspects that are relevant to both parties as the original document may be hundreds of pages long. Searching through it is a quite hectic job; hence lease abstracts serve a pretty important purpose. Aspects covered in a lease abstract: Alease abstract covers all the details that will be crucial to both the parties in terms of business,...

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