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SKJ Juris provides lease abstraction services to meet the needs of both our smallest and largest clients while keeping costs manageable. In order to leverage our position as a lease abstraction provider, we ensure our clients receive the best possible pricing and service from us. Our experience in handling the entire lease portfolio for our clients results in mitigating their risks and in reducing their costs though proactive abstraction at quick turnaround time.


At the outset, we arrange the lease documents including main lease, amendments, assignments, renewals, and so on so that we can manage it in the best possible way. Under lease abstraction, we, besides abstracting the financial and legal clauses and critical dates, also raise red flags related to critical information such as colorable documents equivalent to lease, missing documents that is, amendment to lease or renewal letters, assignment of lease to a sub-tenant.


We abstract the relevant provisions of a lease in a clear and concise language. The abstracted leases are thoroughly reviewed by our 1st and 2nd level reviewers. Once reviewed, we deliver the final work product in the format requested by the client.


Lease abstracting involves some level of interpretation that needs human intervention and cannot be automated entirely by machine abstracting tools, accordingly, we use our best attorneys to carry out lease abstraction. We use applications including Visual Lease, Spacebase and so on.

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Pilot Stage

In order to provide an assurance on our quality as well as understand the scope of work in a more accurate manner, it is important that we work on a pilot project for you. You may send a couple of sample leases along with the fields including the critical dates and lease clauses fields to be captured from the sample leases to our Project Manager. Based on the fields provided, we abstract the sample leases either in the tool or in a spread sheet desired by you. Once abstracted, we will send the abstracted leases to you for your review and approval. We are open to make any changes as per your request. In case there are no changes or once the changes are done, we send a quotation for the entire project based on the scope of work.

Legal formalities

Once the quotation is confirmed, you may send a Master Service Agreement along with the Statement of Work (SoW) to be mutually finalized and executed between SKJ Juris as a Service Provider and you as a Client. In case you suggest, we can also provide a draft agreement as per your requirement.

Project Commencement Stage

Once the legal formalities are completed, our Project Manager will coordinate with the team leader and create the login credentials for our abstractors in the lease abstraction software, if any desired by you. Our Team Leader will understand the project and train the entire team of abstractors who will be working on your project.

All the lease documents including lease deed, amendments, letters, etc. can either be uploaded in the software or provide to us at a source. If a source is provided to us, our Project Manager will download the lease documents in a highly secured environment. In order to maintain confidentiality, our Project Manager will provide access to only those lease documents that are required to abstractors who are assigned with the same.

Once the Project is commenced, our Project Manager will update you on every stage and will also have status calls with you as agreed.

Review Stage

We believe in 100% accuracy. We thus carry out a 3 layer review process on each abstract completed by our abstractors. At the outset, an abstracted lease is sent to the 1st level reviewer. Post 1st review, the abstracted lease is sent back to the abstractor with edits to be implemented. Once done, the 1st level reviewed and abstracted lease is sent to the 2nd level reviewer. Post 2nd review, 1st level reviewed and abstracted lease is sent back to the abstractor with edits to be implemented. We also have a mechanism of a random 3rd level review. Once review is completed, the abstracted leases with all associated reports will be published/ delivered/ sent to you.

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