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Litigation support has been defined as “the process of providing consultation and support services to attorneys or others in regard to current and pending cases.” Litigation support services comprises of all activities, usually within the law firm, that are designed to prepare a lawyer to try a case. The services include document review, interviewing witnesses, case preparation, case summarization, etc. Litigation support activities include the organization of documents, paper-based document management, but increasingly through technology such as litigation support software and systems. Documents are organized in searchable databases for review and production.

This industry is a comprehensive business model that supplies clients, litigation lawyers, and paralegals with essential documentation and information concerning all areas of law. When a client or legal professional is in the midst of a legal battle there are numerous intricacies which the organization may face and several matters would require an expert opinion. A litigation support service company provides abundant resources for legal professionals which aid them in providing a correct legal advice and greater flexibility.

Need for litigation support services:

With the emerging litigation explosion in the global scenario, the concept of ‘litigation support service’ recognized worldwide acceptance. These types of services are provided by ‘legal support specialists’. Their work of assisting the attorneys in a particular case starts from client interviewing and ends after the execution of the judgment. It is essential to have a litigation support company that understands the complexities involved in management of litigation, that provides legal support, and appreciates the importance of comprehensive management of their work.

Litigation support services that SKJ Juris provides:

Our litigation support services can be bundled as a suite of solutions that will support every stage of your case, or they can be chosen a la carte on a project-specific basis. Combined with our unparalleled language expertise, SKJ Juris provides state-of-the-art litigation support services for a multilingual environment. The litigation support services that we provide include the following:

  • Legal Drafting
  • Drafting Motions and Pleadings
  • Case Research
  • Document Coding
  • Document Review
  • Deposition Summaries and Case Summaries
  • Legal Research
  • Review and Analysis
  • Summarization of Records

Working with our litigation team can provide your corporate legal department greater efficiency. While we handle your legal work by providing valuable litigation support services, your lawyers can focus on high-value legal activities and boost your legal firm’s productivity and overall margins. Our goal is to anticipate the unexpected and to have contingencies and solutions already in place when they occur.

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SKJ Juris Appeal to Appellate division First Department Sample
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SKJ Juris Complaint Sample
SKJ Juris Interrogatories Sample
SKJ Juris Memo of Law Motion to Dismiss Sample
SKJ Juris Memorandum of Law in Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment Sample
SKJ Juris Memorandum of Law in Opposition to Motion to Dismiss Sample
SKJ Juris Memorandum of Law in Support of Motion for Leave to Appeal to the Court of Appeals Sample
SKJ Juris Motion for default Judgment Sample
SKJ Juris Motion for Summary Judgment Sample
SKJ JURIS Motion to Intervene Sample
SKJ JURIS Motion to Quash Sample
SKJ Juris Notice of Motion to Dismiss Sample
SKJ Juris Notice to Admit Sample
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Pointed legal research is the key to preparation of effective pleading documents, which decides the fate of litigating parties. Ahead of litigation, a sharp legal research enables a party to decide if litigation is a solution or a protracted course of action sans benefits.


Document coding is the process of identifying and extracting information specific to each document into a common form to ensure a later date search. Our company has skilled and dedicated Indian attorneys, who are well versed with the complexities of document coding.


Deposition summaries are an important part of the testimony record analysis process. Although they are not meant to replace reading full transcripts, deposition summaries provide objective and concise outlines or synopses of the most noticeable points of deposition transcripts.

Gerard L.Keogh, Keogh Law Group, PLLC, New York.

My law firm was representing a company that had been sued in a highly publicized case. The case involved multi-jurisdictional issues that involved the Courts in New York and California. We were sending lawyers to Court in New York and California and the intense crush of legal document production and research bore down hard on our law firms resources.

I was fortunate to have partnered with SKJ Juris to provide our lawyers with the help of their talented lawyers who seemlessly integrated with our team. Not only did they produce expert memorandums of law, pleadings and motions, their talented lawyers were part of our regular trial lawyer briefings and provide wise counsel to our trial lawyers.

The most exhilarating part of the partnership was that we could email our colleagues when we left Court in Los Angeles at 5:30PM Pacific time with a motion that had to be drafted and briefed for the next day in LA. By the time 7am arrived in LA, our document was waiting for us in our email and our colleagues were available for consult.

This case was the subject of leaks to the press by so many sources. It was gratifying to all involved that our SKJ Juris and their team kept all documents and information they received confidential.

SKJ Juris is the right partners for complex and high profile litigation.

We won our case thanks to our colleagues.

Litigation has become more demanding as resources to settle cases dwindle from client’s options. Lawyers need to find the solution to containing cost and yet not sacrifice quality. We found the answer, SKJ Juris.

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