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There are number of law firms melding into LPO’s in India. CEO, Mr. Pankaj Jain offered some behind the scenes insight into SKJ Legal as well as its position in rapidly growing Indian LPO market. Mr. Jain, further talked about how SKJ Legal was going to position itself, “We are not interested in changing the legal market, but believe that five years down the line it will be a force to be reckoned with in the Indian legal off shoring industry”.

On decision of making LPO the prominent characteristic and the significance of LPO’s unique approach to deliver high quality work, CEO noted” what jumped out of me almost immediately when we started as LPO was the entrepreneurial and innovative attitude. The rigor of the LPO’s approach is very important to delivering better quality products to clients.”

Vice President Saby Ghosh further talks about the credentials of SKJ Legal as LPO in Indian legal industry. He further quotes” At SKJ Legal we provide dedicated server and data protected environment for all the projects being undertaken. We maintain backup files and structured in-house training program”.

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