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Gerard L.Keogh, Keogh Law Group, PLLC, New York.

My law firm was representing a company that had been sued in a highly publicized case. The case involved multi-jurisdictional issues that involved the Courts in New York and California. We were sending lawyers to Court in New York and California and the intense crush of legal document production and research bore down hard on our law firms resources. I was fortunate to have partnered with SKJ Juris to provide our lawyers with the help of their talented lawyers who seemlessly integrated with our team. Not only did they produce expert memorandums of law, pleadings and motions, their talented lawyers were part of our regular trial lawyer briefings and provide wise counsel to our trial lawyers. Read More


Who We Are 


About Us

SKJ Juris Inc., is incorporated and headquartered in New Jersey in the year 2010. SKJ Juris provides high quality and low cost legal and allied support services to attorneys, law firms and corporations across the globe in a data secured environment. SKJ Juris provides core support services such as lease abstraction, litigation support and immigration support services.


Our Technology

SKJ Juris implements innovative technology to drive significant client impact. Our team utilizes the technology which is best suited for the client. The desired result is the backbone in identifying the available tools in every project. SKJ Juris believes in understanding the requirement of each client based on which the technology is used.


Our Team

SKJ Juris appoints experienced professionals in order to provide legal support services. The hiring process comprises of telephonic interview, written test and viva voce. Once an appointment is made, SKJ Juris provides continuous in-house training related to its services, its processes and tools associated to it.

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