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At SKJ Juris, we offer exemplary data scrubbing services to assist data-intensive organizations, including accounting firms, legal entities, banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, and other commercial entities. Our data scrubbing services ensure that the client maintains a clean and consistent database with up-to-date information, enabling it to make accurate and objective business decisions while maximizing ROI for stakeholders.

  • Record correction: We identify flaws in the data records that may involve missing information, formatting mistakes, and typos and fix them.
  • Data enhancing: We work on improving current records with new data that may contain data from outside sources, including social media or demography.
  • Cleansing mailing lists: Our team of professionals eliminate old or incorrect email addresses ensuring that email campaign deliverability is enhanced.
  • Data standardization: We ensure that the format, terminology and units of measurement in which data is saved is consistent. This helps in analysing the data and making it easier to compare from different sources.
  • Data deduplication: Our team of experts finds duplicate records in a dataset and eliminates them which helps in increasing the precision and effectiveness of data analysis.
  • Data evaluation and authentication: We verify the accuracy and completeness of data by comparing it to predetermined rules which contributes to aid in avoiding the introduction of inaccuracies into the data.

Advancements in AI and cognitive sciences have transformed data scrubbing from a laborious task into an automatic, seamless, efficient, and accurate process. AI, coupled with machine learning algorithms, has significantly reduced the time and effort required for data cleansing. However, despite these promising developments, challenges remain. AI algorithms thrive on structured data, yet many clients’ databases contain unstructured data as well. Therefore, human intervention and input are still necessary for effective data structuring and cleaning. SKJ Juris delivers flawless data scrubbing services by employing AI along with human intervention.

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