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Lease Abstraction Service

Lease abstraction is essentially required for tenants, landlords, property management companies, real estate developers as well as parties engaged in any corporate restructuring tools such as acquisitions, mergers, etc. in order to effectively manage and administer voluminous leases. By organizing lease data such as critical dates, lease clauses/sections, the business operators can ensure that the deadlines for lease renewals, terminations, lease rights and other provisions are addressed in a timely manner. Outsourcing lease abstraction activities to SKJ Juris can be benignant to an organization as it helps in better understanding of their lease information as well as the obligations under the lease, gaining new technology solutions, concentrating on core activities, management of bulky lease documents, etc.

SKJ Juris has gained a niche experience in providing lease abstraction services to meet the needs of our clients while delivering qualitative synoptic product and keeping the costs controllable. Our experience in handling the entire lease portfolio for our clients results in mitigating their risks through abstraction during quick turnaround time. Besides abstracting the financial and legal clauses & dates, we also raise red flags related to critical information such as colorable documents equivalent to lease, missing documents etc.

We believe that lease abstraction involves some level of interpretation that needs human intervention and cannot be automated entirely by machine abstracting tools. Therefore, we carry out lease abstraction using latest technology which results in capturing truly consistent, reliable and critical data. To maintain precision, the abstracted leases undergo multiple reviews by competent reviewers. We are also acquainted with abstracting selective clauses and delivering the abstracts in word document or excel sheet; this process is utterly based on the choices and instructions of the client. Our clients have reposed their confidence in us because we bring high degree of financial acumen and technical competence, simplifying complex leases into simple abstracts for ready use.

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