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Legal Transcription

At SKJ Juris, we offer Legal Transcription (LT) service wherein our in-house team of lawyers who type a legal document from video and/ or audio recordings into a written format where the information within can be easily found.

India is the key outsourcing destination for the legal transcription work. Indians have good command over oral and written English language. SKJ Juris positions itself as a one stop destination for Legal Transcription (LT) service. It is most trusted LT service provider that assure quality work with timely delivery.

Legal transcription is an emerging sector among law firms to achieve goals more efficiently by utilizing up-to-date technology. Traditionally, the transcription services are provided manually which consumes enormous time and charges. However, considering a dire need of good technology that provides the best solution for a legal transcription project, many of the law firms, lawyers and companies are opting for the newly-developing AI-based legal transcription services that takes less time and delivers the work quickly in a systematic way.

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Legal Transcription

Our team takes immense dedication, meticulous performance and great attention to detail to provide transcription of legal documents. Being lawyers, our team of lawyers are fairly aware of legal proceedings, legal systems, and legal terminologies that are used specifically in the legal circles. Atop that, our team has a great combination of listening skills, and fast & accurate typing skills in order to present flawless transcripts to the clients. All the transcripts pass through a rigorous quality check, meticulous editing, spell check, grammar check, and proof reading.

A professionally prepared legal transcription with timestamps and speaker identification help lawyers keep track of the flow of information and the timeline of events. It is critical for creating a case, identifying inconsistencies in testimonies and retrieving relevant information.

Alternatively, we use legal transcription software and leverage AI technology when converting audio and video files into text, as per the need of each client. When a video or audio file is uploaded for transcription, the application’s AI will automatically transcribe the file and send it to our editing team who will then check the transcript for inconsistencies or misinterpretations, if any. This process combines our legal transcription AI functionality with our human skills with a view to generate and deliver a quality output to our clients.

All legal transcription projects and reports are thus customised and delivered in accordance with the specific requirements of each client. Files can be standardised to match with in-house style for better organisation and categorisation.

Our legal transcripts are bereft of ambiguity and obscurity and it is convenient to store the transcripts for a lawyer’s future reference.

Our reasonable rate per typed page, utmost accuracy, impeccable quality and quick turnaround makes SKJ a trusted vendor for LT to our clients.

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