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Getting wrapped up in paperwork? Massive amounts of data can be produced by legal discovery and investigations, making manual examination a costly and time-consuming task. Worry Not! SKJ Juris’ Managed Document Review (MDR) services provide a complete solution to help you organize your work and free up time to concentrate on your case strategy, that’s what matters most. Our team of professionals have a proven track record of providing clients with exceptional cost-effective document review services in an array of segments. To safeguard sensitive information, we uphold regulatory requirements and most stringent data security protocols. We use cutting-edge technology to maximize accuracy and efficiency during the evaluation process.


With a dedicated team of reviewers, we are able to create custom workflows designed around specific client needs enabling document review projects to kick off and scale in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Our document review team is supported around-the-clock by a project management team to ensure adherence of streamlined processes for a smooth start-to-finish document review process. We use cutting-edge Technology Assisted Review (TAR) system to optimize the speed of review, accuracy, consistency, and marginalizing the human error in the entire MDR process. SKJ Juris works on CAL ability-based eDiscovery software for the client according to its needs. The software can be hired by the client or SKJ Juris subject to client’s approval.

SKJ Juris employ advanced technologies featuring artificial intelligence and predictive coding to expedite the evaluation process. By helping us to organize, categorize, and analyze documents more effectively, our review technology systems help us cut down on the time and expenses related to manual review. Concurrently, as we firmly believe how crucial it is to utilize professional team to carry out document review projects, our offering balances both our principle and commitment to our client by balancing advancing technology with a touch of human expertise. We ensure a smooth transition of data from its intake to final production of all review activities and custom make workflows to meet your unique requirements and project goals.

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