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Arti Lease is a Solution for Lease Abstraction which provides a platform which will automate the time-consuming lease abstraction process and generate complete accuracy. The solution helps in completing the abstraction process in minutes rather than hours, further eliminating manual errors and ultimately empowering quick and strategic decision.

How ArtiLease works
  1. Upload lease contracts.
  2. Review extracted data
  3. Create & share reports



You can upload bulk leases from various sources namely, Dropbox, GDrive in multiple formats like pdf, jpg, doc, ArtiLease will extract all of that. The extracted data can be further analyzed, reviewed, and compiled with this user-friendly platform. Eventually, you can collaborate with your team to create 100% accuracy. This modern solution will make lease abstraction process feel like a breeze. With ArtiLease turnaround time can be reduced seamlessly, which will save time and money for more voluminous documents.

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