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Legal transcription is an emerging sector among law firms to achieve goals more efficiently by utilizing up-to-date technology. Traditionally, the transcription services are provided manually which consumes enormous time and charges. However, considering a dire need of good technology that provides the best solution for a legal transcription project, many of the law firms, lawyers and companies are opting for the newly-developing AI-based legal transcription services that takes less time and delivers the work quickly in a systematic way.

SKJ Juris delivers high quality and cost-effective AI-based Legal Transcription Services. ArtiScript adheres to all the security provisions unlike manual based transcription wherein the multimedia file and the transcribed format has been glanced by the human. While transcribing through ArtiScript, only the technology has access to the data that has been uploaded and executed.

In addition, clients will get the transcribed format as early as possible with the help of the software. Therefore, this will cut down the labour costs required and thus reduce the costs chargeable to the client. Time stamps will be provided at the regular intervals to determine the incident as per the client’s requirements. Arti Script provides accurate and error-free transcripts that are best suited for involving bulk of parties and witnesses in a case. With Arti Script, SKJ Juris excels in delivering finest and superior work product.

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