Secret of our successKey People

Chairman & Director

Pankaj Jain

Pankaj has acted as a counsel for 6 years in civil litigation and has worked in various joint venture assignments and corporate transactions.

Brandon Daniels

Efficiently innovate open-source infrastructures via inexpensive materials and client focused results in our work.

Joanna Ricciardo

Synergistically deliver performance based methods of empowerment whereas off distributed expertise.

Adam Bernstein

Seamlessly visualize quality off intellectual capital without superior collaboration and sharing.

Brandon Potter

Uniquely enable accurate supply chains rather technology installed maintainable deliverables.

Virginia Williams

Nanotechnology immersion along the information highway will close on focusing on the line.

Tammy Eliott

Completely pursue scalable customer service through sustainable potentialities.
Chairman & Director __________________

Pankaj Jain

Pankaj specializes in corporate law & intellectual property law. He has acted as a counsel for….

Saby profile
Vice Chairman and Director____________

Sabyasachi Ghosh

Saby was a litigator in High Court and tribunals of Delhi for 14 years and is an Arbitrator. Saby has….

Steven Lauer
United States Representative and Value Consultant

Steven A. Lauer

Steven A. Lauer advises SKJ and its clients on outsourcing and legal support service restructuring….

Mac Hutchinson
Chief Marketing Officer_______________

Mac Hutchinson

Mac Hutchinson is an expert in digital marketing and business development. He has made a ….
Vice-President, UK Operations_________

Jonathan Lea

Jonathan studied at the University of Bristol and the College of Law. Jonathan now works as a….

“We are the team with the biggest heart, best preparation, deepest passion, strongest togetherness and will to succeed ”

Ty, Howard

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