.Frequently asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How does SKJ Juris deal with the conflict of interest issue?

SKJ Juris’ comprehensive clients’ data base is maintained which is regularly updated. SKJ Juris checks with the data base before accepting new clients’ work. Maintains a list of such clients for whom our lawyers had worked in the past. No associate is assigned a project which might cause a conflict of interest.

Which states and local bars have allowed outsourcing?

Ethical opinions of following states and local bar associations (US) have allowed legal outsourcing:

  • Aba opinion on legal outsourcing
  • Colorado bar opinion on legal outsourcing
  • District of Columbia bar opinion on legal outsourcing
  • Florida bar opinion on legal outsourcing
  • Georgia bar opinion on legal outsourcing
  • Los Angeles bar opinion on legal outsourcing
  • New Hampshire bar opinion on legal outsourcing
  • New York city bar opinion on legal outsourcing
  • North Carolina bar opinion on legal outsourcing
  • Ohio supreme court opinion on legal outsourcing
  • San Diego bar opinion on legal outsourcing
  • Texas bar opinion on legal outsourcing
  • Virginia bar opinion on legal outsourcing
  • Illinois bar opinion on legal outsourcing
How does SKJ Juris deal with confidentiality check?

All the check and balances in place for complete physical and virtual security of clients’ data. Issues magnetic swipe cards to its employees, who have signed confidentiality agreements.

What is the recruitment procedure in SKJ Juris?

Recruitment is proactively based on forecasted requirements. Recruitment made through robust database and campus recruitments and placement agencies. Shortlisted candidates are further screened via a telephonic interview, conducted by the HR department. Further shortlisted candidates are brought in for a written aptitude test. Further screened candidates undergo two rounds of personal interviews with HR and Operations Head. A selected candidate is referred to a background screening company. Appointment letter is rolled out.

How the new appointees are trained in SKJ Juris?

SKJ Juris has developed in house training modules. Each appointee undergoes 30 days / 45 days rigorous induction training program. Training program includes:

  • Soft skills
  • Computer skills
  • Legal writing
  • Introduction to the U.S. legal system
  • Legal research
  • Litigation drafting
  • Litigation document review
  • Deposition summaries
  • Lease abstraction
  • Immigration drafting
  • Training on quality theory and client processes.
What is the error rate?

Less than 1%

Whether SKJ Juris works on pilot projects?

SKJ Juris works on pilot projects as per requirement of the client.

How does SKJ Juris manage the down time?

Usually we do not have down time as such. We carry out CLE (Continuous Legal Education).

Is SKJ Juris a US based law firm and does it provide legal services to Us clients?

SKJ Juris is not a US based law firm. It is a legal outsourcing company that is engaged in providing merely legal support services (and not legal services) to US clients who are US based attorneys and not the end clients of US based attorneys.

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