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Alaka Mundhe

“SKJ Juris provides a very healthy environment for working. It is an all-girls team which believes in women-empowerment. The seniors are extremely co-operative in nature and try to clear your doubts as many times as you ask. The staff is friendly in nature. There is a lot of work exposure due to the different nature of projects every single time. Overall, it lays the required job satisfaction one needs!”

HARD ROUNDED SHAPEFade from grayscale


Priyanka Patil

“I’ve been an employee at SKJ Juris from last 8 months. I have grown so much since I started working with this company. I have learned so many skills from all my peers and seniors. It was a good start, especially as a young lawyer. Involvement in multiple projects and support from the seniors in projects keeps me motivated and I like that the most.”

HARD ROUNDED SHAPEFade from grayscale


Pooja Deshpande

“SKJ Juris provides with great learning experience. The company is good in terms of work culture and friendly atmosphere. I met wonderful people and the organization has truly helped me grow in all aspects of my career.”

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Ayshaa Dudhani

“Being associated with SKJ Juris as a Legal Associate, from last 6 months was great and
extremely fruitful. Working with the team added more to my interest and knowledge. Also, they provide great ethical working atmosphere. I got exposed to working of the United States legal system due to the practical training I procured during my tenure.”

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Rutuja Warokar

Working with SKJ Juris is a virtuous experience, full of opportunities and dynamic work
environment. It is a great company to start your career and a good place to seek knowledge and experience. With the Versatile work nature, it helps to enhance Knowledge. The Welcoming nature of the colleagues and Management are great to work with.

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Sayali Gaigawal

“SKJ Juris is a place where one gets a lot of scope and opportunity to explore different areas of law. I have developed a lot of skills and gained knowledge from my peers and seniors since I started working with this company. They have a friendly and good environment that keeps us mentally fresh and healthy.”

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Niraja Farkade

“My experience with SKJ was like setting sail in the vast ocean of opportunities, navigating through with the expertise and assistance of SKJ Juris. It provides exposure and hone your skills like no other.”

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Aishwarya Pawar

“I have been working with SKJ Juris since January 2019. This company has given me ample opportunities to learn and grow professionally. The Projects here are diverse and you get to learn new things with every new Project. The work environment is friendly and the management is considerate about the employees. I must say, you won’t regret joining this company as the only thing that you will take from here is a lot of good experience which will enable you to have a great exposure in your future endeavors.”

HARD ROUNDED SHAPEFade from grayscale


Anulka Tapadiya

“SKJ is the best place for a person like me who wants to satiate the brain hunger with
knowledgeable feed. Since my joining I have worked and still working on variety of projects which, to my satisfaction, allowed me to think in every possible analytical way and work accordingly. I have seen myself grow as a thorough professional while maintaining the work life balance. And of course, a great team of co-workers and management helped me in this evolution. I am associated with SKJ for good long 8 years, says it all!”

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