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Construction Document Review Services

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Document review is often the most labor-intensive and expensive stage of the litigation process. During this phase, the entire data contained in the documents is scrutinized and evaluated to determine what documents must be withheld from production to opposing counsel.  Often, document reviewers are attorneys who understand the legal and factual issues in the documents and can make the necessary judgment calls as to privilege and responsiveness. The review process consists of several stages. The legal team may conduct a first pass review to analyze documents. Litigation support personnel then load the data into a searchable database that allows litigation teams to easily locate key documents at every phase of the litigation process. Based on the review and analysis of the documents, the reviewers can identify the issues in a case. Nowadays, to reduce expenses, a growing number of technologies that automate the review process are gushing to market.

Construction document review is an important type of document review which has developed in the recent years. Construction documents include drawing details, construction documents cost estimate, sign-off from the client on design and cost etc. A vital procedure in the production of construction documents is document review. There are various organizations that provide construction document review services. The quality of the documents depends on these reviews. However, the quality of construction documents is perceived to have decreased over the last few years according to professionals in the construction industry. The details on the drawings cause major problems with the quality of construction documents. The reasons for this problem range from fear of litigation to time and money constraints.

While providing construction document review services an independent review of construction documents highlights potential pre-construction and post-construction issues. The independent reviewer can see what the architect drew or wrote and will be able to provide a thorough analysis of the construction documents. The reviewer can share useful observations about the documents to facilitate the architect’s effective completion of the documents for bidding and construction. Reviewers need to provide initial progress, and final progress reports based on findings including any possible deficiencies and recommendations for corrective action. The extent of a review of construction documents depends on the budget for availing the construction document review services, the available review time, the condition and completeness of the drawings and specifications, and the agreed scope of the review.

There are specialized experts providing construction document review services that have proven to reduce construction costs and avoid unnecessary delays. The systematic method of quality control aims at addressing the points of interface between building systems in order to identify any discrepancies. Reviewers identify the inconsistencies, errors, and omissions between and within design disciplines. Therefore, availing construction document review services from experienced reviewers will help in increasing a firm’s overall productivity and margin.
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