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As the core of tenant relations, collections and profitability, lease data is one of the most valuable assets and an essential decision-making tool for tenants, landlords, property management, as well as parties engaged in any corporate restructuring tools such as acquisitions, mergers, etc. It is imperative that the lease data must be as consistent and accurate as it can be. Also, it is important to have a perfect lease abstract that consists of accurate data which fits your business needs. However, it is difficult to analyze and select information from the lease which will minimize the efforts of reading the entire lease. Since lease abstraction is a time-consuming and tedious task, it is conducive to outsource the lease abstraction service to lease abstract vendors who can devise an abstract as per your requirements. The lease abstract vendors must be such who can help you cull out the essential lease data for managing the leases.

The most important attribute of an efficient and precise lease abstract is to keep the data simple and easily accessible. The process of abstraction rendered by lease abstract vendors involves preparation of a precise summary of the important and relevant information from the lease documents so that all the important information is available at one’s fingertips, resulting in saving precious working hours.

SKJ Juris is a well-known vendor in providing lease abstraction services. We strive to accelerate the lease abstraction process, improve the quality of your lease data and make your operations more efficient while reducing the costs. We, as a lease abstract vendor, maintain a standardized lease abstraction process, ensuring consistency, accuracy and uniformity. The key features of the lease abstract services that we provide include:

Maintaining our position of being a distinct lease abstract vendor, our lease abstraction service features the following key differentiators:

We believe that as a diligent and efficient lease abstract vendor, we bring the greatest value to our clients by offering lease abstraction services. Under the lease abstraction service, we provide a lease abstraction- master field checklist that consists of headings such as basic lease information, lease clauses, critical dates and other notes/special provisions. There are a number of fields appearing under the said headings. You can tick the relevant fields as per your requirements. You can also select the requisite data appearing under the headings of the checklist and send us the filled form from your end. This process will help us envisage an appropriate lease abstract for you. Further, this will allow us to customize the lease abstract as per your requirements and offer our finest services that best serve your interests.

With the escalating quantity of records attached to lease contracts, it is best to combine legal expertise, as well as real estate proficiency, in the process of lease abstracting. After a careful consideration and integration of all the relevant documents, the experts in our team extract requisite information as per the needs of the client. Our team of experts bring high degree of financial insight and technical aptitude, simplifying the complex lease abstraction process. Our clients entrust their loyalty in our team because we are equipped with the desired expertise in lease reading, summarizing and updating. Our lease abstraction service is tailor-made to suit the specific needs of our clients.

Our Lease Analysts are well versed in numerous lease abstraction interfaces. We can customize our abstracting services into Microsoft Office, PDF, Microsoft Excel or in any other format. Our services are customized to suit each client’s needs. We, as a lease abstract vendor, strive to provide a simplified access to the abstracted data as well as your source documents. We collect, standardize, and consolidate hard-to-find and unstructured data and convert them in user-friendly format, making analysis easier, simpler, and faster. By providing lease abstraction service, we will help in guiding you to the most effective and efficient level of data extraction so you can manage your leases seamlessly and profitably.

Being a competent lease abstract vendor, SKJ Juris prides itself on providing its clients with accurate and cost-effective lease abstracts. Also, our team is constantly enhancing and broadening the types of information and provisions that can be extracted and summarized in the lease abstracts. Our ability to successfully and consistently serve our client’s needs has made us a popular name in the abstraction industry. We look forward to help you achieve your lease abstract goals!



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