Deposition summary

Deposition summaries are an important part of the testimony record analysis process. Although they are not meant to replace reading full transcripts, deposition summaries provide objective and concise outlines or synopses of the most noticeable points of deposition transcripts. Summarizing lengthy deposition testimony into succinct summaries can save clients’ time and reduce law suit’s costs. SKJ Juris assists its clients by summarizing the pertinent parts of deposition testimony in the most time-efficient manner with utmost accuracy. Each deposition summary is structured to client’s requirements and is quality reviewed before delivery.

Medical records review and summary

SKJ juris offers customized medical record review and summary service to our clients. Our team has the required skillsets to provide the clients with a comprehensive medical record review and best narrative medical records summary service precisely and concisely.

At SKJ, we organize the hard data and then transform it into soft data ensuring digitization is thorough and up-to-the-mark. All the patient information is arranged in chronological order, review and summarize information on behalf of the clients.

The biggest benefit of the medical record review and summary is that it converts a mass of information into a more structured format from which information can be scooped easily. This service helps insurance companies, lawyers, Personal Injury specialists, medico-legal experts, independent medical evaluators, and so on.

The cost efficiency, quick turnaround, stringent quality control, swift scalability and data security at SKJ Juris make SKJ a trusted vendor for medical records review and summary service to our clients.
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