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What is document review?

Document review is the process of collecting documents from the client for sorting them before handing over the relevant documents to the opponent. The main aim of Document review services is to identify the information which will fall under the scope of being relevant to the case. Document review is a tedious and labor-intensive process that requires a lot of time. Attorneys spend several hours shortlisting the documents reviewing them and analyzing them to understand their relationship with the case In. order to ease the task we at SKJ Juris provide Document Review Services to corporate offices and attorneys, similar to the Document Review Services provided by the Attorneys in New York. We, at SKJ Juris, employ human effort as well as technology for the document review services in New York.

We at SKJ Juris take a systematic approach towards document review by following the below process:

Underlying Case Information– It goes without saying that we at SKJ Juris first do a deep understanding of the case and issues underlying the case. The deep study includes knowing the names of both parties, keywords of the case, dates of the events related, and key documents received from the client. This all helps in examining the contents of each document before proceeding further into document review.

Strategy for the case- Our project manager and our IT team work in tandem to ensure accessing and viewing of such various documents for the purposes of smooth review. The project manager, at times, also suggest to the tool provider that a particular spec needs to be added on the review sheet depending upon the nature of the document review project with client’s suggestions in an on-going project. It helps to facilitate and address client’s aspirations and concerns and results in a flawless and unambiguous review.

Document Review- SKJ Juris provides first level and second level (privilege) document review service to its clients. Under document review projects, we provide the following services to US law firms;
1. Review of the documents in the tool to determine if they are responsive to the document requests or relate to litigation as per the document requests.
2. Categorizing each document in different fields such as responsive, privilege and issue field. For certain documents, we include text in an “attorney notes” field and/or technical issues.
3. In terms of the issues field, all relevant documents (both privileged and non-privileged) are tagged for privilege and issues.
4. Flagging problem documents for law firm’s attention in case of questions and technical problems raised by law firms.
5. Classifying all responsive documents for privilege—whether it be the attorney-client privilege or attorney work-product doctrine. Labeling as per fields such as attorney-client privilege; attorney work product; attorney-client redacted; and/or non-privileged.
6. Providing Personal Information Redaction and Business Document Redaction services by employing appropriate software based on client’s need, thereby ensuring the protection of personal or sensitive information from cyber thefts, data leaks and misuse.

Quality check- We, at SKJ Juris know the importance of quality work. It is therefore that we indulge in scrupulous assessment of the work done. Our document review services are one of the most popular and preferred services among Attorneys for corporate cases.

Storage of Documents- Post review of the documents storage is the next necessary stage. The documents which are selected for sharing with the opponents need to be scanned and stored electronically. The scanned documents are coded and classified with proper tags, after which they are stored in the Cloud Sharing Platform (e.g.- Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive., etc.) This way the Attorneys can easily share the relevant documents with the clients as well as with the opponents. This finishes the work of document review services.

Why choose SKJ Juris for Document Review services?

SKJ Juris is a service provider firm that deals in providing high quality and low cost legal in allied support services to Attorneys, Law firms, and Corporations. At SKJ Juris we ensure that the data of the client is highly safe with us. Our document review services team comprises of experienced professionals who are highly qualified to provide document review services analogous to the services provided by the Attorneys relating to Document review services in New York. We believe in understanding the case of each client properly before going through each and every document provided by them carefully to find any relevance with the case. This makes sure that they do not miss out on any important document which might work in their favor. Our team also utilizes the best-suited technology for improving the speed of the document review. Our document review services at SKJ are equally efficient to the Document review services in New York which are designed to meet the requirements of the clients by saving their time and being cost-effective.

About Our Team

The team of Document review services at SKJ Juris comprises experienced professionals who are highly qualified in document review. Our qualified team has worked in various joint venture assignments and corporate transactions for various clients across New York. Our team also comprises designated arbitrators who are qualified in handling all kinds of legal services and document review services. Our team helps in providing world-class support services to Attorneys at all levels of their cases. The team at SKJ Juris is appointed by going through a rigorous hiring process comprising of a telephonic interview, followed by written tests, and viva voce. Our team also goes through continuous in-house training related to their services, processes, and tools associated with them in order to keep updating their skills and keep polishing them.
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