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Full lease abstraction

Lease abstraction is the key to financial and legal information for an immediate access to important data from the lease and also to ensure that no financial obligations or relevant deadlines are missed.

A lease is a contractual arrangement signed between Landlord, the owner of the property and Tenant, one who is going to use the Landlord’s property. An abstract of lease is the synopsis of the chief legal, commercial, and financial information contained in the lease. It literally means an abstraction or summarization of relevant data from a lease contract and other source documents. Lease summarization transforms a lengthy lease document into a condensed and simplified document consisting of understandable terms, language, useful data and key points. Basically, lease summarization serves as a navigation system for the lease.

Financial Lease Abstraction

General Lease Abstraction Fields

  • Names of the parties;
  • Co-tenancy;
  • Lease term;
  • Square footage;
  • Address;
  • Lease rent;
  • Rent escalations;
  • Percentage rent payment history;
  • Renewals;
  • Terminations;
  • Payment amount;
  • Due date;
  • Lease option;
  • Right to return space and to provide additional space;
  • Signage.

Importance of Full lease Abstraction

Lease abstraction is a significant part of the due diligence process, therefore, developing and maintaining the lease data’s reliability is necessary for the solid foundation of due diligence process. It is important to have the lease contracts and other source documents for reference, but reading the entire lease document for locating a specific fact or clause could be a tedious job, dreary, and lengthy procedure. If the terms of a lease are not abstracted precisely, it could cause harm to all parties involved in the lease contract. Also, preparing a short, simple and useful abstract of the lease is a very skilful task. Therefore, it is feasible to invest money and have a lease abstraction company to extract the valuable data from the leases. SKJ Juris is the apt choice for obtaining full lease abstraction services.

Competitive edge

The team at SKJ Juris consists of proficient Indian Lawyers who possess the expertise to administer and abstract the leases into any desired format, including direct input into a solution or Microsoft Excel/Word. You can have confidence that this all-star team is armed with updated experience of lease reading and lease summarization. We have provided full lease abstraction services for some of the biggest companies across the globe. We, at SKJ Juris, standardize the lease abstraction process by guaranteeing accuracy, consistency and uniformity. Our team strives to deliver comprehensive and accurate full lease abstracts to the clients. We use the method of referenced section headings which makes all the crucial information readily accessible at the client’s fingertips in the most effective and efficient way within the time bound deadlines. Our full lease abstraction process can be scaled to meet Clients requirements.

We specialize in providing Full lease abstraction services as we have the manpower, experience and resources required to execute the abstraction at a competitive rate. Our team abstracts the extensive lease document faultlessly which eventually will save your time while locating an exact point or data. Further, we provide our high-quality full lease abstraction services, including revisions and client support, at a very cost-effective rate which would entice you to invest your valuable time and money with us.

We promise-we deliver

It is our aim to process the financial lease abstraction in a manner that it serves as a road map to help navigate the lease document and provide contract specific details on financial lease data.. Our team oversees and ensures that the billing and all other financial transactions are being summarised accurately along with the crucial dates so that it would help informing necessary personnel of any missing or late payments.

To implement solutions in streamlining the financial lease abstraction and improving the overall productivity of your organisation, contact us today!


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Full Lease Abstraction

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