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Document review is the process wherein the entire legal data contained in the legal documents is scrutinized and evaluated. Often, document reviewers are attorneys who understand the legal and factual issues in the documents and can make the necessary judgment calls as to privilege and responsiveness. When a company offers legal document review services, the review process may often consist of several stages. The legal team may conduct a first pass review to analyze documents. Litigation support personnel then load the data into a searchable database that allows litigation teams to easily locate key documents at every phase of the litigation process. Based on the review and analysis of the documents, the reviewers can identify the issues in a case.

It is a commonplace fact that an outcome of a litigation to a major extent depends on the manner in which the document review is conducted. Accordingly, the litigants and attorneys need to guard against underrating an e-Discovery process, success of which squarely depends on following best practice principles in providing the legal document review services.

SKJ Juris provides legal document review services by a review team/ QC team along with the requisite facilities, technical support and project management. As a document review vendor, SKJ Juris offers proven operational features including complete metrics reporting to assist clients in overseeing and ensuring an efficient and effective document review exercise, from start to finish. When a client chooses SKJ Juris, the work reflects an approach suffused in an understanding of applied best practices.

SKJ Juris ensures a project plan tailored to the specifications of the clients and consistent with best practices. It relies on a key set of documents that govern the execution and project management of the review process. Specific job descriptions are developed and a detailed protocol for recruiting, testing, and selection is defined. We ensure that the team providing legal document review services receives comprehensive, substantive and platform training. We conduct reference / background / conflicts checks, wherever necessary. More often than not, SKJ Juris employs team members previously used on similar projects.

We design processes, assignments and quality assurance steps and demonstrate compliance with key security and quality standards while maintaining acceptable pace. The process in offering legal document review services is such that the initial review results are calibrated, then we seek the client’s guidance to confirm or correct results and overall, we conform to the review protocol and training materials to insights gained.

SKJ Juris delivers regular, comprehensive reports to monitor progress and quality and to assist clients in managing the review process. We believe that a successful document review project is one that facilitates the overall e-Discovery process and enhances the favorability of outcome in a given law suit.
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