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Managed Document Review Services

Managed Document Review Services befall when an outside firm or vendor manages a document review project on behalf of a party involved in lawsuit. It is vital to have a prearranged workflow in place to warrant a proper monitoring of budget and case management. The managed document review services may seem higher at cost but the it saves thousands of dollars of the client. The managed document review services may benefit in different ways which are detailed as follows:


Reduction of Work Load

The team at an attorney’s firm prepares deposition, briefs, motions which are quite challenging and time consuming at times. Having a review administered by a managed document review services provider will assuage the extra work of the attorney’s firm. Thereby, making the firm concentrate on the drafting more than on reviewing.

The managed document review services provider assists in handling the day to day operation of the review. The provider also contributes in initial eDiscovery training and reskilling of the staff through cases’ life cycle. Further, it helps in work flow management, performance monitoring and much more.

Focus on Accuracy

Quality Control process is the most important constituent of managed document review services. It is crucial to prevent unpremeditated errors from becoming a costly issue.

It is essential to check whether the review team has understood the nature of work and the working methods with its protocol in a manner most helpful in developing the case and this necessary check can only be controlled through Quality Control which ultimately results in “Accuracy”. Therefore, it is the best way to ensure that the end result is without any flaw, in a final deliverable stage and within all protocols.

Maximize Efficiencies

One error and single delay may cause huge loss to the client. So, it is very important to check that the work is efficient and helpful in scheming final output. Deadline is another thing to keep a check on because in law industry every single day, hearing counts. Single delay can change the course of the case upside down. So, the work should be immaculate and on time. This enables the client to concentrate on other important factors.

The chief part which is worked through managed document review services are eDiscovery matters because it enables the client to create a review structure and workflow that meets the requirements of their cases.


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