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McCabe Law Global is a legal process outsourcing LLP with a world-wide reach, having offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Belfast and Pune, India.

McCabe Law Global provides legal research, drafting of motions, briefs, discovery requests and responses, drafting of contracts, handling media business affairs, prosecution of trademarks, copyrights and patents, creation of Trade Secret Protection Plans processing immigration visas, title and other trademark searches and reports, estate planning, asset protection planning, and a variety of other high-end services. The trial attorneys of McCabe Law Global work with the client trial attorneys from pre-litigation due diligence and legal research to researching and drafting appeals.

McCabe Law Global has experience in handling complex global transaction, in addition to providing assistance with day-to-day legal transactions and legal operations. McCabe Law Global only communicate with the law firm clients and not with their clients. McCabe Law Global has significant experience in a wide range of business transaction matters, including asset sales and purchases, stock transfers, franchising, licensing and distribution arrangements, lease and property negotiations, intellectual property matters, and more.


Contract Redlining often takes place when each party is attempting to draft a final copy of the Contract based on negotiations from both the parties. Contract Redlining is vital:

  • To keep a track of edits made by the parties to the Contract.
  • To review, compare and keep the parties well-versed with the alterations made in the Contract.
Process/ Steps

Contract Redlining” helps law firms to locate the alterations thereby eliminating complexities and make it easier to blaze through the Contracts effectively. Redlining of the Contract can be performed on Microsoft Word Document or via Contract Management Softwares. SKJ Juris is flexible in adopting Contract Redlining process per clients’ requirements.
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