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Captive LBO refers to a specific model of outsourcing where law firms establish an entity at a separate geographic location to handle its back office functions such as operations/ services or specific legal processes. A Captive LBO operates as an extension of the law firms and undertakes a range of back office functions to optimize efficiency and reduce costs. While upholding stringent quality control and data security standards, a Captive LBO is a strategic way to improve cost-effectiveness, resource efficiency, and the quality of legal functions. This outsourcing  model allows the parent law firm to focus on its inhouse legal work, business development and achieve economies of scale, which ultimately benefits both the law firm firm and its clients. In this model, the law firm does not outsource its back office functions to a third-party Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) company.


How this Captive LBO Solution can benefit you

  • Cost Control: A Captive LBO allows the law firms to control and manage their legal back office operation costs more effectively. While there are initial setup costs, ongoing costs can be more predictable and easier to budget.
  • Customized Requirements: The law firms can tailor the Captive LBO to meet their specific legal requirements. This customization ensures that the Captive LBO focuses on tasks and processes that are directly aligned with the law firms’ short term and long term goals.
  • Quality Control: With direct supervision and control, the law firms can maintain higher quality standards of their operations. The law firms can establish and enforce their own quality assurance processes and standards to ensure LBO work meets their expectations.
  • Integration: A Captive LBO is typically closely integrated with the law firms to ensure alignment with business objectives.
  • Confidentiality and Security: The law firms can implement robust data security and confidentiality measures to protect sensitive legal information in the Captive LBO.
  • Scalability: A Captive LBO offers flexibility in scaling up or down based on the law firms’ evolving requirements. This scalability can be especially advantageous for the law firms with fluctuating workloads.
  • ‘Follow-the Sun’ Approach : A Captive LBO operates round the clock by taking advantage of time zone differences ensuring that the law firms’ work remains uninterrupted and seamless; and the work are transferred from one team to another as the day moves on in different parts of the world.
  • Long-Term Focus: A Captive LBO can align with the law firms’ long range goals and objectives, and accordingly equip itself with necessary strategies and processes.
  • Risk Mitigation: By having a Captive LBO, the law firms can more effectively manage and mitigate legal risks associated with their professional and business activities. The LBO can proactively identify and address compliance issues and legal challenges.
  • Ownership and Control: The law firms retain ownership and direct control over the Captive LBO and ensure that all technology based solutions, processes, working styles, and reporting machnisms are replicated with minimal efforts in the Captive LBO.
  • Efficiency: A Captive LBO can streamline its support needs and workflows with that of the law firms to enhance efficiency and productivity.
  • Expertise: Over the time, a Captive LBO can develop expertise in handling specific functions and tasks required by the law firms.
  • Inexpensive Talent Acquisition and Development: A Captive LBO can build a robust team of professionals at low costs and bring them up to speed by implementing training and skill development programs.
  • Scope of Services: A Captive LBO can handle plethora of back office activities and tasks of the law firms including billing, secretarial,  staffing, accounting, data entry, review, coding, contract drafting & monitoring, compliance, legal research, legal drafting, content writing, medico-legal tasks, summarizing, intellectual property searches, and more.

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With over a decade of experience in rendering legal and allied support services to law firms, SKJ Juris as a LPO has consistently proven its excellence in diverse support services. SKJ Juris has continuously improved its processes and technology to meet its International clients’ expectations and targets with accurate deliverables at unparalleled turn-around time, in a cost-effective manner.

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