Climate Change

Effects of climate change globally

Climate change is the phrase used to describe variations in the planet’s usual climate in terms of temperature, precipitation, and wind. These alterations are usually brought about by natural processes. But in recent years, human activity has been the main driver of climate change. Several factors contribute to climate change, including pollution, industrialization, technological advancements, population expansion, and deforestation. Sea levels are rising, rainfall patterns are shifting, and the earth’s temperature is rising as a result. The risk of many of the issues covered below can be increased by these changes.

  • Human Health: The survival factors necessary for living, such as good food, uncontaminated water, and pleasant weather, are being diluted due to climate change. Accordingly, these changes have an impact on the food we consume, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the weather we live in. By not being able to live in a healthy environment, humans become prone to many climate-related diseases.


  • Agriculture: Agriculture is impacted by climate change in a variety of ways. Agriculture production decreases as the temperature rises. Crop production is affected by excessive heat waves as well as flooding caused by heavy rains, which harm crops and the structure of the soil. It has a detrimental effect on agriculture. As a result of this, food security around the world is at risk.


  • Sea Level Rise: In relation to climate change, there are two ways that sea levels might rise. First, when there is an increase in temperature, seawater expands and there is a rise in sea level. Second is the melting of ice over land, which then adds water to the ocean. In the United States, coastal regions are home to most of the population. According to the U.N. Atlas of the Oceans, eight of the top ten largest cities worldwide are located closer to the coastline. Consequently, they are at risk of flooding


  • Flooding: The likelihood of a flood occurring depends on a variety of environmental and human activities. There are weather events such as excessive or long-lasting rains, coastal flooding, unexpected glacier melting, and so on, that lead to flooding. Recently, in August 2021, Turkey faced the life-changing effects of flooding. 


  • Wildfires: Fire is caused by extreme weather conditions, like hot and humid climates and harsher draughts. Climate change is making it hard to combat the blazes in some regions. Africa was the most impacted by wildfires in 2021.


  • Biodiversity loss: The term “biodiversity” refers to all the various types of life that exist on Earth and the ecosystems they inhabit, from oceans to deserts. Every life, including human life, depends on biodiversity to survive. Biodiversity is impacted by climate change because species are being driven to leave habitats where they have evolved for millions of years. The imbalances in the ecosystem harm that particular system, which leaves a disastrous effect on the species existing in it. For instance, deforestation, mining, and climate change in Madagascar are threatening native species and resulting in substantial habitat loss. Similarly, between 1996 and 2008, Australia’s species declined by 5–10%.

The repercussions of climate change have become more intense and unpredictable. As has been rightly said by former US President Barack Obama, “We are the first generation to feel the effects of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.” Therefore, it is our duty to work towards the maintenance of our natural habitat. Understanding the effects of climate change will help us be prepared and protect Mother Nature.

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