Immigrant Investor Program


Immigrant Investor Program

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The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa is a federal program that grants green cards and a path to citizenship to foreign investors who invest at least $800,000 toward job-creating business projects in the U.S. USCIS administers the EB-5 program, created by Congress in 1990 to stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation and capital investment by foreign investors. There are a number of steps that foreign investors must complete to get a green card through the EB-5 visa program. The process is a complicated, but if an investor has the funds, this is an excellent way for an investor and his family to get a green card and ultimately become U.S. citizens. Ordinarily, the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa (“EB-5 Visa”) requires that an investor invests either $800,000 in rural settings, or $10,50,000 in a city setting, and in return, and complete other necessary requirements before the U.S. Government can grant a Green Card.  In order to qualify, an investor must directly create 10 full-time jobs for U.S. workers in case he selects a direct investment route or indirectly create 10 full-time jobs through regional centers in case he selects indirect investment route coupled with other requirements.

There are several types of business entities in which an EB-5 visa investor can invest. Ideally, an investor can invest in a new commercial enterprise or in a regional center. New commercial enterprises are lawful for-profit entities that can take one of many different business structures. Such business structures include corporations, limited or general partnership, sole proprietorships, business trusts, or other privately or publicly owned business structures.


EB-5 visa investors are typically required to make either a $800,000 or $1,050,000 capital investment amount into a U.S. commercial enterprise. The EB-5 investment can take the form of cash, inventory, and equipment, secured indebtedness, tangible property, or cash equivalents and is valuated based on U.S. dollar fair-market value. The minimum amount of capital required for the EB-5 visa program may be substantially decreased from $1,050,000, if the investment is made in a commercial entity that is located in a targeted employment area (TEA). The EB-5 investment project must either be in a rural area or in an area that has high unemployment in order to qualify for TEA designation.


The USCIS requires that EB-5 investments result in the creation of 10 full-time jobs for U.S. workers. These jobs must be created within a two-year period after the investor has received their conditional permanent residency. In some cases, the investors must be able to prove that their investment has led to creation of direct jobs for employees who work directly in the commercial entity that received the investment. However, EB-5 investors may only have to show that 10 full-time indirect or induced jobs were created if the investment was made in a regional center.

SKJ Juris provides legal support to US Immigration attorneys who specialize in EB5 application process. Such legal support includes drafting of I-526, AOS, I-829 and source of funding documentation.


Visa Applications

SKJ Juris also specializes in drafting and processing visa applications for the clients of US Immigration attorneys.


SKJ Juris specializes in drafting of waiver petitions which includes fraud and criminal waivers, provisional waivers and so on.

Review & Appeals

We specializes in providing immigration support to US Immigration appellate attorneys in agency appeals, writs…
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Key steps to process an EB-5 application through regional center

EB5 key steps

Visa application

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Identify the most appropriate Regional Center and Investment Project

The first step is for the EB-5 investor to identify an appropriate regional center for indirect investment. SKJ Juris can assist EB5 applicants in determining the best regional center and their project. SKJ Juris specializes in carrying out a comparative analysis and a detailed due diligence of each regional center and its projects in order to minimize the risk of investment.

Identify the best EB5 attorney

All immigration attorneys do not have specialization in EB5 matters. It is pertinent for EB5 applicant to select the best EB5 attorney who can efficiently handle the entire process of EB5 application.

Legal compliance and Source of fund documentation

Applicants are required to comply with the banking laws while remitting funds from their country to USA. SKJ Juris can assist the US EB5 attorney in preparing source of fund documentation depending upon the country of origin of that EB5 applicant. SKJ Juris can assist EB5 attorney in identifying the necessary documents for their clients (EB5 applicants) which will be needed for presentation as lawful source of fund required before USCIS prior to foreign exchange remittance taking place.

Filing of I-526 Petition

The next step is filing of I-526 Petition where SKJ Juris can provide drafting support to EB5 attorneys which can be reviewed and filed by EB5 attorney on behalf of their applicants.

Counselor Processing

With the approval of I-526 Petition, Applicants are required to file AOS. SKJ Juris coordinates with EB5 attorney in providing drafting support of AOS Petitions so that the applicant’s Conditional Green Card can be processed.

Removal of Conditions by filing I-829 Petition

The last step in the EB-5 Visa process is for investors to become unconditional permanent residents by removing their conditional status. To do this, the EB5 immigration attorney is required to file an I-829 petition. This application proves that the applicant has met all requirements of the EB-5 visa program and the government can issue a permanent green card after the I-829 is submitted. SKJ Juris provides drafting support of I-829 Petition for EB5 attorney which once finalized can be filed on behalf of their applicants with a view to avail unconditional green card.

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