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Initiative to curb the growing unemployment – LPOs hire American lawyers

This news has come with a surprise and a sigh of relief to the American lawyers. Indian LPOs are now creating jobs for the American lawyers. The American lawyers are hired both for running the U.S. operation (onsite) as well as for running the Indian operation (offsite). Accordingly, the American law firms and corporations are confidently sending their legal work overseas.

Another major reason for hiring the American lawyers for managing LPO operation on site is because there are legal works which cannot be sent outside the US borders for security reasons, like writing and vetting export control documents, military contracts and some patent reviews which are accomplished by the onsite lawyers.

The Indian LPOs also provide a good career option for the young American law school graduates.

The future of LPO seems to be very bright for the onsite lawyers as there are many low cost areas in US and UK supplying talented and highly qualified legal professionals.

Having hired American lawyers, some LPOs swap its employees from offsite to onsite to create the same working style at both the ends. This is done to build transparency, create a similar kind of work culture and also to maintain the quality of the work product.

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