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Lease abstraction companies in India

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In furtherance of providing a solid foundation for due diligence, business investments and management decisions, it is essential to maintain the integrity of lease data regularly. Lease abstraction is the process of extracting relevant data points from the lease contracts and other source documents. While it’s important to have the source documents available for reference, it is a tedious task to read them every time a critical fact, such as a payment amount, due date, lease option or other data point requires action. However, lease abstraction can be quite time-consuming and tedious. Therefore, it is conducive to outsource the lease abstraction services to a lease abstraction service company. There are numerous lease abstraction companies in India which provide abstraction services to overseas clients.

Lease abstraction is an essential decision-making tool for tenants, landlords, property management, as well as parties engaged in any corporate restructuring tools such as acquisitions, mergers, etc. By organizing the lease data such as critical dates, lease clauses/sections the business operators can ensure that the deadlines for lease renewals, terminations, lease rights and other provisions are addressed in a timely manner. Missing a critical lease date, or not understanding or accruing a potential lease liability and its obligations could result in serious financial implications to a company’s bottom line. Thus, outsourcing the lease abstraction services to competent lease abstraction companies in India can provide corporations with a better understanding of their lease information, as well as the obligations under the lease. A proactive approach to analyzing an organization’s bottom line, lease abstracts provide a detailed summary of the corporation’s operational costs ensuring that their operational costs and obligations are understood.

SKJ Juris, one of the leading lease abstraction companies in India, provides abstraction services to meet the needs of the clients while keeping the costs controllable. We ensure that our clients receive the best possible pricing and service from us. Our experience in handling the entire lease portfolio for our clients results in mitigating their risks and in reducing their costs through abstraction during quick turnaround time.

We, at SKJ Juris, maintain a high level of accuracy in the lease abstraction services that we provide. The abstracted leases are thoroughly reviewed by our 1st and 2nd level reviewers. We ensure that our abstraction workflow has multiple quality checks which permits us to provide a thorough accuracy on the dates and currency. What makes us different is that we pay close attention to client requirements and go all the way to provide solutions that clearly meet and even exceed our client’s primary requirements. The quality of work that we have maintained throughout these years has made us one of the best lease abstraction companies in India and a renowned player in the abstraction industry.

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