Legal Process Off-shoring myths

It is a myth that off-shoring has emerged just a few years ago whereas the practice is actually much older. Large corporations and database providers started offshore market operations in early nineties. Recently, even medium and small-scale companies have also jumped providing off-shore services.

It is a myth that, legal process outsourcing is only about costs. While cost benefits from legal process outsourcing can be very substantial, there is a very large differential in the salaries of analysts in the developed countries and the popular offshore destinations like India. In addition to cutting costs and labor arbitrage, legal process outsourcing offers many other benefits such as access to on-demand bandwidth, deeper local knowledge of emerging economies, access to additional/ specialized research competencies at reasonable rates and improvement in efficiencies (24X7 turnaround) as a result of operating across time zones.

It is a myth that only large law firms and companies can avail legal support services. In fact there are many small law firms and companies who derive advantages of legal process outsourcing more often than large law firms and companies. The key is to select an engagement model that makes it worthwhile for both the parties- law firms or companies and Indian service provider. Besides, it is necessary to check the comfort level with potential Indian service provider through a trial project, before jumping in and go the whole hog. A “good” legal support company, like SKJ Juris may, in fact, exceed the quality expectations of its clients having mature processes and the best practices.


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