Remote document review: A Cakewalk or a Ropewalk

Globally, mundane business maneuvers and consumer behavior has been shaken up on a massive scale due to COVID – 19. Various business sectors are struggling to slow the spread of the illness and contain the infection. The virus spread has proven to be the biggest threat to the global economy and financial markets. In these tough times technology can aid business to find alternate avenues to reach out to their customers.  In this crisis, many companies have adhered to the norms for public safety leading to close offices alongside perpetuating the work and to understand how the crisis has changed the game.

The pandemic has equally affected the outsourcing industry, thereby coercing the document review companies to function remotely, despite the unavoidable impediments reviewers still need to meet the given deadlines. Given how immensely enormous review teams can get, managing to successfully set up and sail the work remotely is a huge challenge, document review companies faced. By nature, adapting to any new reform of work environment certainly showers with variants of hindrances. Complexity steps foot when complying with the standard review protocols alongside merely setting up a home-friendly work desk for the reviewers, becomes a compulsion.

remote document review services
remote document review services

Document review services have the fundamental requirement of ensuring privacy and protection of all data that is being outsourced. Allowing reviewers to function from their home location no more stands just as a leverage rather is now a need of the hour, hence making it more evident and vital to increase the levels of security protocols. Monitoring and raising the levels for data security is important considering the huge geographical spread among reviewers, so that it rules out any trails of threat to the client’s data and the document review company is not cornered for any breach or contravention of securing the shared data.

Securing the data being the primary challenging concern, introducing a security system that requires more than one method of authentication from independent categories of credentials to verify the user’s identity for a login or other transaction is a breakthrough to eliminate the fear of security breach. And to keep the workflow running it is safe to stick to the already existing operating system for the document review service providers as the reviewers are already familiarized to the use of it, and no time is lost in the process of adaption.

A training program enables to strengthen skills that an employee needs to improve, hence an extensively planned and meticulously prepared program to make the reviewers well versed about the importance and proper implementation of security, helps build a wall ensuring safe work environment without constant technical and maintenance interruptions.

Apart from the technicalities, the company is also liable for its employees well-being and to make sure that working from an enclosed home environment is not in any manner heavier for mental health and gradually leading to fall in performance and productivity, therefore it also becomes important to keep up the spirit of the reviewers and stay connected not just for work, meaning to instill the idea that they can still have an office like work alliance, virtually.

Another vital aspect in efficaciously making the process of remote document review services a success is to have an efficient manager with great connectivity to his team members, having the regular updates of the on goings and is approachable, so that to not break the workflow speed and accuracy.

The elephant in the room in this scenario is the difficulty to run the voluminous quality checks to ascertain the accuracy benchmark, and accordingly revert back to single reviewers in case of downfall in productivity or performance, unlike a batchwise feedback possibility at office.

The brighter side to these challenges are the advantages such a work environment may provide by implementing a work-life balance schedule, leaning towards flexible work options, cutting down employee absenteeism, ensuring enough relaxation to mind and body while getting the work done, curtailing the hours wasted in commuting and the gradual stress caused due to it over the years, providing the scope to recruit eliminating the location barrier, reducing office rentals, huge maintenance, electricity and setup expenses.

All the challenges and breakthrough, catered in a platter to derive on a conclusion, culminates that remote document reviewing, if not completely but majorly can have a resemblance and be a future epiphany to traditional office setup reviewing.

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