Why do organizations need team-building games or exercises?

A group of individuals from various backgrounds working together to accomplish a shared goal is an organization. It may be a business, an organisation, a firm, or an association that aspires to operate for a clearly stated global objective. Yet, conflicts between people from different backgrounds may occur when they interact. These might hurt the organization. Performance among employees and business productivity will both decline. For this reason, team building is a practical strategy for promoting a positive work atmosphere where employees will get along well with one another socially. Team members are easily connected through team-building games or exercises. Both conflict resolution and team bonding are enhanced.


Significance of Team Building:

The following points demonstrate the significance of team-building games or exercises in an organization:

  • Increases faith– Co-workers must have faith in one another. Team members interact with each other through different team-building exercises. Interaction builds faith among team members, which nourishes their bond. It encourages employees to listen to one another’s views and come to a consensus without difficulty.
  • Enhances communication- Team-building exercises improve inter-team communication. It enhances their mutual understanding and bolsters the involvement of employees in assisting each other. When team members collaborate on a project, they openly discuss their ideas to complete the work swiftly. Enhanced communication brings commendable results.
  • Improves performance- Employees learn new skills, through team-building exercises. Incorporating those skills into day-to-day work life boosts the overall performance of the team. Teamwork fosters the importance of sharing tasks and completing them on time.
  • Encourages better collaboration- Collaborative team-building exercises bring out the best in team members. As a result, they get to know each other better and develop dependable relationships. At the same time, a cooperative team unites to accomplish a common objective. Employees freely ask for help or assist others to fulfil the needs of the work.
  • Minimizes diversity in the workplaceMost organizations have employees from different countries, states, backgrounds, cultures, languages, and so on. For this reason, team-building exercises play a major role in tying the team into one thread. This helps in building an inclusive environment among the team members. Eventually, it allows the team members to overcome the feeling of diversity.

  • Increases employee’s retention- Employees seek an organization that takes care of their welfare. Candidates looking for a healthy working environment that supports them to achieve their professional objectives. Team building games and exercises are the most successful way for an organization to attract new talent and retain employees for an extended period.
  • Embraces new ideas- An organization that emphasizes open communication and encourages employees to interact is likely to generate new ideas. This accelerates the minds’ ability to produce innovative ideas and ultimately aids in the advancement of the organization.
  • Promotes corporate cultureThrough team-building, employees communicate with each other efficiently, which resolves conflicts between them. Accordingly, it improves the productivity of the work that enriches the reputation of an organization.
  • Builds a delightful team- As the Author Robert Orben says, “If you can laugh together, you can work together.” When a team is happy, the result is happy and thus clients are satisfied. Team building exercises spread happiness among employees. It motivates employees to work and makes them less likely to leave their job. Thus, a happy team is equal to the smooth working of the business.
  • Nurtures the health of team– Team-building games and exercises help in nurturing the physical as well as mental health of employees. A healthy team amplifies more accuracy of the work.

We at SKJ Juris believe in team building as it is a continuous process. We feel that when a team evolves, it is necessary to reassess and adjust the team’s approach, goals, and strategies. Teamwork makes the dream work. The true line is said by an American author, Patrick Lencioni, in his book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable says, “Not finance, not strategy, not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and rare.”

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