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The process of converting the multimedia files into the written format where the information stored can be easily found is called Legal Transcription. Transcribing a Legal document is primarily important because during a proceeding, it is always viable to search for a reference or keyword needed at the point from a document rather than to hear an entire audio/video clip that would consume a lot of time. Since the introduction of this service line, a human transcriptionist was assigned the task of transcribing the audio/video files. However, with the expansion in the field of technology, the legal industry can be seen automating its tasks to the software that gives error-free results in minutes of time.  Some of the benefits of achieving great results through automation-based transcription are as follows:

  • Saves Time

The time taken by a human transcriber to transcribe the multimedia file and the time taken by a software to perform the same task is absolutely distinguishing as a human transcriber takes way more time than a software to complete the transcription of the Legal data.  One must opt for automation-based transcription if he wants adequate transcription of the audio/video file in the quickest way possible. 

  • Reduces cost

A software-based legal transcription will always save on a lot of money, unlike human transcriptionists, who would charge more to the clients. So, preferring a software-based transcription for a legal project/ transcription is always ideal for the clients/ people.

  • Secure and Reliable

A human transcriptionist will have to examine the audio-visual legal data in order to transcribe. This means that the confidential information will be shared and known not only to the attorney who shared it but, as well as to the transcriptionist. While, a software transcribing the data will have no human involvement in it, it ensures the highest level of security. 

  • Precise and quality outcome

After meticulously scrutinizing the audio-visual data, the software delivers the dependable and correct information for further use. Software justifies the aim of desirable outcome and hence is feasible to use. 

  • Identification and emphasis on important data of the file

The software helps in highlighting the pertinent and vital information that is needed to the client. This feature assists clients in knowing the crucial facts of the case.

  • Timestamps

Along with various other additional features, software provides a time stamping feature that lets the client know the occurrence of a particular event or happening. This helps clients in understanding the series of events that have happened in the multimedia files. 

The foremost importance of legal transcription is that it is an important piece of evidence in a legal proceeding. Software based transcription has rapidly grown in recent years that provides safe, low-cost, and accurate results. At the same time, it lowers the burden of the attorneys that allows them to concentrate on other pivotal issues such as important document analysis, client discussions, research and drafting, etc. However, going forward in the future, one must also look after the cons that come along with it.

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