Best Practices for Data Privacy And Security In Legal Outsourcing

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) businesses are emerging with the growing demand for quality legal support services. Attorneys are highly motivated to hire LPOs for integral legal assistance and effective management of the legal outsourcing project. However, attorneys are often concerned about the risks involved in outsourcing and hesitate with the security systems that the LPOs implement. Moreover, owing to the increased cyberattacks and data security threats, attorneys are highly apprehensive about engaging LPOs for legal support services.

At SKJ Juris, our attorney clients are happy and at ease when it comes to data privacy and security. SKJ Juris is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that strictly adheres to the Data Privacy and Security protocols. We have set standards for dealing with the confidential and sensitive data of our attorney clients and have a comprehensive workflow that ensures utmost data security.


Data Privacy and Security Norms at SKJ Juris:

  • Up-to-date Antivirus Programs:

All the systems and devices are timely updated and kept virus-free. We understand that the latest versions, new functions, and/or improvements in the existing antivirus features are of utmost importance for data privacy and security.

  • Browser Security and Restrictions:

Usually, while surfing online, the browsers are often redirected to malicious sites that contain unsolicited content that can pose a threat to the system. Adopting a browser security system has enabled us to achieve complete internet security and protection of our networked data and computer systems. Our browsers are also restricted from accessing suspect or sham websites that can pose uncertain internet risks. 

  • Phishing Protection:

Our mailboxes are phishing-protected. This system helps in evaluating and filtering scams and allows emails to flow from trusted sources only. Our employees are also provided with awareness regarding phishing attacks and trained on identifying signs of potentially fraudulent emails, links, files and so on.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA):

As a part of our company policy, we primarily get NDAs executed with our attorney clients to assure the utmost confidentiality and protection of their sensitive information and project data that is to be shared with us.

  • Data Protection / Transfer Agreements:

For voluminous projects related to Data transfers and / or per our Attorney client’s requirements, we also execute Data Protection / Transfer Agreements entailing detailed obligations, responsibilities and restrictions concerning the Data that is being transferred.

  • Secured Project Delivery Software:

The sharing of the input data and deliverables is conducted via secured DropBox folders with strict access rights to SKJ Juris’s project lead and the client attorney. The folders are maintained as per the project requirements and are closed on final delivery.

  • Server Based Working Model:

The working method at SKJ Juris is centred on the internal network and servers. All the project data, when received, is stored on the server, which has limited user access for execution. Once the project is delivered, the servers are cleared, and no backups are stored at our end.

  • Protected Payment System:

We have a secured invoice and payment system that facilitates our attorney clients receiving exclusive and protected links for hassle-free disbursements.

As they say, “With trust comes great responsibility,” and SKJ Juris truly believes in attaining the utmost client confidence and fostering long-term business relationships. Our attorney clients highly rely on the quality of our services, which, when paired with data safeguards, helps develop credibility and goodwill. All our attorney clients are assured of their outsourced work with us and appreciate our data privacy and security standards.






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