Benefits of outsourcing litigation drafting

Does a lawsuit mean Litigation?

  1. Litigation is the entire process that takes place after the filing of the case in court. Litigation drafting mainly consists of the drafting of motions and briefs, pleadings, demand letters, discovery requests, and evaluation letters. When the GDP/ economy of a country expands, businesses boom through the increased rendering of services and goods. As a result, people tend to consume more and hence pronounced dissatisfaction leading to an increased burden on lawyers and attorneys.

How will outsourcing help?

To tackle this increased burden, tasks and work will be outsourced by the attorneys to legal firms. They provide the legal drafts, litigation drafts; motions demand letters and others which require extensive legal research and huge investments of time. Through outsourcing, this problem is efficiently resolved and thus lawyers and attorneys can focus and utilize their time in cases and trials, making them highly efficient and productive.

Benefits of Litigation Outsourcing:

  • Increased Quality: As the work has been outsourced, greater emphasis is laid upon exceeding the aspirations of the client by the firm. Due to this healthy competition, the quality of the motions, drafts, and briefs increase immensely.
  • Improved Efficiency: As legal research and study will now be the aim of an outsourced client, lawyers and attorneys can focus more efficiently on their other clients’ cases and win more cases, improving their record as well as productivity as they get the documents in a quicker period, resulting in faster resolution too.
  • Reviews: As the firms specialize in this domain, their focus entirely lies upon the quality of work they produce. For that, drafts motions and other documents are reviewed many times so that it is grammatically correct and error-free in all aspects. Review by different members of the team ensures the addition of new perspectives that can’t be explored by lawyers themselves.
  • Cost: With proper tools, the latest integrated technologies the cost incurred in the whole process become less than what if the work has been done by the attorney himself. Lawyers and attorneys get high-quality work in a very inexpensive way, making it an efficient cost-effective methodology.
  • Constancy: The quality of legal documents fluctuates when it is performed by a single attorney manually, whereas when the same task is carried out by a team with the help of the tools, a constant supply of good quality drafts can be ensured as the emotional intervention is crossed out.

Which firm to outsource legal drafting?

Well, finding the best firm to outsource legal drafting is influenced by a few factors which include experience, dexterity of the team, and pricing. Certifications, if any prove to be the aces of selection criteria. A right decision/ selection will result in higher productivity and revenues, but if it goes wrong things might get a bit difficult. Moreover, it will be better if the firm is well versed with dexterity, such that they can handle out pre-trial and post-trial motions, briefs, petitions, and writs too. This will help in forging a great bond as well as fueling the revenue system more efficiently. SKJ Juris, one of such pioneer firms are the ones that tick all the boxes.

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