Obstacles in legal process outsourcing and how to tackle them

Outsourcing of services has been quite a trend in recent years, and LPO or legal process outsourcing hasn’t been unfamiliar with it. There is a strong and genuine reason for doing so as the revenue, quality and efficiency increase dramatically through outsourcing. But it is not as easy as it sounds, as many hurdles come in the path of LPO. Some of them are elaborated below:

  • Complicacy: Though how awkward as it may sound, the complexity of the case remains the biggest hurdle in the outsourcing of legal processes. Some cases are a bit too complex to handle for the outsourcing firms which are less experienced which leads to losses. Hence, lawyers and attorneys are a bit restrained while outsourcing the LPO services.
  • Lack of Framework: As this domain is in its expansion and settlement phase, lack of regulatory framework has become a culprit in its ill-fame. The presence of a legal framework will ensure a constant supply of the great quality work to clients, standardization of the services rendered and security in this field of business.
  • Confidentiality and quality: With the eruption of demand for LPO services from countries like the USA and UK, there are many companies whose aim is solely to generate revenue and not the quality of the service. This leads to compromise in the quality of the service and the whole community gets harmed.
  • Ethics: Due to lack of framework, greed and other ill-factors, the firms tend to deviate from their ethics. This is the worst obstacle in the path of a good LPO service.
  • Lack of Knowledge: While attorneys and lawyers have proper practice in the legal domain, people working for the LPO firms generally don’t. This is the root cause of ill-practices and obstacles that are hindering the growth of the sector.

How to overcome obstacles in LPO:

  • The demand of framework: If a legal regulatory firm is set up in the country which makes laws and defines the limits for the outsourcing firms, problems like ethics, security, and standardization of the services rendered can be easily tackled. But, this is the part of a bigger structural reform that will surely take time.
  • Education and training of team: If the outsourcing team is recruited on the grounds of skills and are well trained, then the problems of ethics and knowledge can be eradicated from the roots which will put an end to all the chaos. If they are trained by people who have practical experience, it would reap astonishing results. Traits of corporate privacy, confidentiality and corporate ethics will lead to a sustainable future of the industry.
  • Time zones: The time-zones of both countries should sync with each other, ensuring the timely delivery of the quality service. It shouldn’t be either harsh on the outsourcing firm and shouldn’t waste the time of the lawyers.

Although there are numerous obstacles in the development and growth of such a great industry, the majority of the problems could be resolved, through the above three broad solutions, providing astounding results and signs of exponential growth in the industry.

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