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Global recession

The corporate world is reeling under the impact of the global recession. The pressure on corporations to deal with the steep rise in inflation rates, exaggerated by two years of COVID-19 related issues, international military conflicts, and lack of sales constrains them to resort to cost cutting techniques. By that means, they start laying-off employees,...

Tips for Selecting a Legal Outsourcing Provider

In recent years, Legal Process Outsourcing companies have gained prominence with the growth of technology and digitalization. Outsourcing legal work primarily became popular as it saved valuable time, effort, and money instead of hiring additional in-house counsel that would charge more on the part of law firms and attorneys. It is very important to choose...

Artilease – Lease Abstraction Solution

Lease Abstraction is primarily important as instead of reading the lengthy and tedious contracts or leases, abstracting the important part of the lease lets the party know major points such as the commencement date of the lease, liabilities involved for the parties, indemnification clauses, and other crucial information. It helps in understanding the complex lease...

ArtiScript – Legal Transcription

The process of converting the multimedia files into the written format where the information stored can be easily found is called Legal Transcription. Transcribing a Legal document is primarily important because during a proceeding, it is always viable to search for a reference or keyword needed at the point from a document rather than to...

Best Practices for Data Privacy And Security In Legal Outsourcing

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) businesses are emerging with the growing demand for quality legal support services. Attorneys are highly motivated to hire LPOs for integral legal assistance and effective management of the legal outsourcing project. However, attorneys are often concerned about the risks involved in outsourcing and hesitate with the security systems that the LPOs...

The Process of Working with a Legal Outsourcing Firm

Outsourcing Legal work primarily works best during the times when a law firm or an attorney are often approached by multiple clients or working under pressure. In addition, when they are struggling to meet deadlines, it is always viable to opt for LPO. It releases the burden of such law firms and Attorneys by assisting...
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