Difference between O Visa and P-type Visas

Getting to work in the USA with the topmost emerging industries that pave the path of advancement for the rest of the world is a marvellous offer. But it’s crucial to follow the legal procedures for securing a job in the USA, it has been often observed that people tend to suffer legally due to it. To work temporarily in the USA you can either obtain an O-Visa or a P-Visa. Both of them serve as the temporary visas for foreign nationals who aspire to work in the USA. More precisely they are made for procuring employment in the entertainment industry, but they differ in the conditions of issue.

Classification of the O-Visa and P-Visa:

O-Visa has been classified into the O-1(O-1A and O-1B), O-2 and O-3 type, while P-Visas are categorized into four types P-1 (P-1A and P-1B), P-2, P-3, and P-4.

 Major Difference between O and P-type:

The O-Visa is issued to a foreign national who possesses a profession of artists or entertainers in a motion picture, television or music industry, video and other types of arts. This includes the above and below-the-line personnel. These visas are issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (“USCIS”).

O1 visas are issued to individual artists or entertainers who have demonstrated “extraordinary achievement” in a motion picture, television or music industry.

O2 visas are granted to foreign nationals who arrive in the USA to assist the artists or performers who have already procured an O1 visa.

O type visas are issued up to tenure of three (3) years. The O-visas are further extended in one-year increments indefinitely. O-visa applicants need not produce binding ties to a residence outside the USA.

The P-visa is granted to foreign nationals, which are recognized entertainment group, individual athlete or an athletic team. A team usually consists of two or more people, who have performed as a unit for at least one year. Also, getting granted a P-visa, at least three-fourth members of the group must have provided entertainment services to the group for a minimum of one year.

This visa category also covers foreign entertainers and artists who aspire to come to the USA to participate in the reciprocal exchange program or a culturally unique program. It also allows foreign athletes who come to the USA to take part in a specific event or competition.

For granting an O-Visa or P-Visa, the application must be accompanied by a written advisory opinion from the applicable union, guild or a peer group. It must be noted that a negative consultation will most probably result in rejection of the visa petition.

An O-visa includes workers in a broad range of fields while P-Visa is limited to certain artists and athletes. The eligibility standards of the P-visa are lower than the O-visa.

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