Strategic relations between law firm and LPO (A perfect mix approach)

Strategic relations between law firm and LPO

The growing challenges that law firms face are, meeting the increasing demands of legal support from the organization. Outsourcing is considered as an effective solution for doing “more for less”, i.e., increasing the scope beyond the core legal services delivery. The avenue of choice to the clients have no longer remained confined to legal services by law firms ; it is extended to in-house, law firm and third party legal support companies. This will lead to creation of correct service blend to ideally suit the clients.

In recent times, many organizations are adopting a hybrid model for achieving success in terms of value and realization of benefits. This hybrid model allows the organization to provide seamless services by a perfect mix of in-house and outsourced legal support services.

UK-based law firms are at the forefront for adoption of perfect mix approach. Recent research indicates that over half of the UK’s top 30 law firms have turned to legal support outsourcing or have set up their own low-cost legal support centers.

Corporate Legal departments have followed the revision of business models acknowledging the benefits of legal process outsourcing at an early stage.  Law firms are gradually adopting a complete blend of services through novel business model.  Law firms focus on innovative methodologies of service delivery to the clients. Many clients have, today, expressed their content in the services and ultimately the law firms are experiencing the benefits.

The legal process outsourcing industry has undergone evolution and many organizations, to achieve a competitive edge, are making an effort to increase their scope and boundaries of services, engaging custom technology solutions, and flexible shoring options. Ultimately, the hybrid model will institute a change in the service delivery methods and craft a tailor-made system to suit the specific needs of the clients.

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