India emerged as a leader in Legal outsourcing

India has again proved its leadership in the legal process outsourcing market. Legal process outsourcing (LPO) is gaining momentum as more law firms in the UK and European law firms begin to hold the treasure of experience and talent available in India.

LPO has huge potential in India. There is nothing wrong in saying that, soon mid-sized as well as smaller UK and European law firms will either open up their own LPO center in Indian major cities or will outsource their work if they do not want to make initial capital investment.

The LPO assists such law firms in support areas such as administration and contract management among other service lines. It enables such law firms to reduce costs and focus on high- end advisory work. It also enables corporates with in-house legal departments to lessen the load of monotonous work.

Similarly, the Indian legal outsourcing companies are providing its support services in the areas of litigation to such law firms using its rich resources comprising of skillful lawyers who work round the clock and meet the ever increasing demands of its clients.

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