Potential of Legal Process Outsourcing in India

One of the ideal ways which is pretty well known to most of the legal firms and in-house legal departments about cost cutting is to outsource legal work. Nowadays corporates are concentrating more on new technologies and strategies to get their work done through standard resources.

The experts from the legal industry of developed countries have announced that the next outsourcing windfall is for India. The total worth of the legal industry is around $21 billion and Indian LPOs are on the way to grab the major portion of it. This is because of India’s quality of work along with competitive rates.

In an International Conference on Intellectual Property Rights held on 19th July in Chandigarh- India, Dr. KS Kardam said that India has a huge potential, but is way behind other countries in terms IPR support services such as Japan and Germany. These two countries have recorded 24 percent growth where as India has recorded 12 percent growth.

Miss Komal Talwar echoed Dr Kardam’s thoughts and said that there is a huge scope and potential of patent support services that can be provided from India.

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