The Difference Between In-House Counsel And Legal Outsourcing

Defining In-House Legal Counsel and Legal Outsourcing-

An In-house Legal Counsel is a person who works on varied legal issues of the business or organization for his employer. Legal Outsourcing is the process exercised by Law firms, Attorneys, businesses, and organizations of assigning their Legal work or obtaining Legal support services from a third-party. Outsourcing Legal work is always reasonable when the businesses or Law Firms are handling several things at once and do not have adequate time to complete the work in the given deadline. Hiring an In-House Legal Counsel to perform the Legal work is not a bad option but outsourcing those tasks for optimal use of the resources will always be a good choice. Some of the factors discussed below address the reasonableness of opting either for In-House Legal Counsel or Legal Outsourcing company:

  • Feasibility- Instead of engaging an in-house counsel into a time-consuming task, it is always workable to outsource the same. In this way the business and the organizations can focus on core business activities. Outsourcing will also help in scaling up for new projects.
  • Expansion of practice area of the Law firms- It is not recommendable to recruit an in-house legal counsel if the Law firms or the Attorneys wish to expand their areas of practice. Law firms aspiring to expand their practice area but lacking the expertise can always opt for outsourcing the same to the LPOs experienced in that practice area.
  • Optimization- Businesses and organizations can pay attention to principal activities by outsourcing the Legal work. This will ensure the maximum use of the resources.
  • Cost-friendly One of the major benefits to the businesses is the reduced labor cost that will be incurred by outsourcing the Legal work. Employing an in-house counsel will be much expensive to the businesses and organizations. Therefore, outsourcing the Legal work is always beneficial rather than hiring an in-house counsel charging double than the Outsourcing companies.
  • Ability to manage complex projects- Sometimes, Law firms and Attorneys working with different clients and on various projects tend to not work effectively. In such a case, outsourcing the work is always a great option.
  • Saves Time- Technology completes the task in minutes of time as compared to the in-house counsel that will take up most of the time to complete the same task. In addition, quality check or review that needs to be performed will take up additional time. By performing the sole task of reviewing the work product executed through software will save up on a lot of productive time.

It is more profitable if the mundane tasks are outsourced instead of being performed in-house. Moreover, it is always plausible to outsource the Legal project if the businesses lack the expertise to perform the same. Outsourcing the Legal tasks increases the efficiency of the businesses thereby, allowing them to focus on the significant issues.

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